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In the Freshman Academy, students will be part of a team of teachers and students who will work collaboratively to ensure their success. Freshman teachers, from across content areas, will meet regularly with each other to discuss their students, celebrate student successes, and address concerns (e.g., attendance, behavior, overall grades, social, or emotional concerns). They will work with students, families, administrators, and counselors to support students and increase their achievement.At Frederick Douglass High School, these students will be housed in their own wing of the building, leaving only for electives and lunch. This provides for increased safety and a smoother transition from middle school. During freshman year, students will also take a Freshman Seminar course, which will expose them to 21st century skills (e.g., collaboration, communication, perseverance, etc.), allow them to explore a variety of career options, and assist in the middle to high school transition.

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