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Staff Directory

Quick Contacts

(859) 381-3780

Executive Principal:
Lester Diaz

Academy Coach:
Jamie Mills 

Academy Principals:
Mike Harmon - Professional Services
Alan Mayes - Technology
Alden Meade - Freshmen
Brandon Slone - Health Sciences

Dean of Students:
Jeana Gilles
Amy Hayden

Front Office Secretary:
Stephanie Kyles
(859) 381-3780

Secretary to the Principal:
Katie Pippen
(859) 381-3780 

Claira Reynolds
(859) 381-3781
Fax: (859) 381-0219 

Dawn Bastecki
(859) 381-4110
Fax: (859) 381-3783
Registrar's Page

Amy Martin
(859) 381-3784

College and Career Coach: 
Monica Jones

Erin Cope - Health Sciences
Julie Cron - Technology
Kayla Creely - Professional Services
Derrick Thomas - Freshmen
Wendi Rogers - Biomedical Sciences
Ginger Wilburn - Guidance Secretary

Social Worker: 
Mike Stead

School Psychologist:
Dr. Bryony Rowe
(859) 474-0038 (Google Voice)

Family Resource  Center Coordinator:
Desiree Marshall
(859) 381-3785

Title IX Coordinator:
Jan Perkins

District Office: 
Chief of Schools 
James McMillin,
(859) 381-4233


2023-2024 FDHS FULL Directory

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